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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Qmobile Noir A9

Well Nothing to mention about Qmobile now , we all already know about this Pakistan`s leading mobile phone making company . It started its way to smartphones and progress through the Q mobile Noir A2 which proved to be a success. Afterwards the company launched one of the best smart phones in the market. From A2 to A10 it has done a fabulous work in maintaining its position in the Pakistani markets.

So Now let`s talk about the new smart phone of which I smell the fragrance in air. Yes I am talking about Noir A9 whose rumors are all widespread.

It is listened that Qmobile is going to launch the Noir A9 in the near future which would have some cool specs.None of the specs are still confirm but the rumors are as following:

It is said that it would have a 1 GB of RAM , Quad-core processor , a better camera , a 4.5 inches screen.
It would be able to shoot video up to 720p but in 3GP format which is the main thing of concern.

That`s it for now guys but I will keep on providing the latest updates.

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